Downtown Pittsburgh in a PGH Party Bus

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There are certainly a number of inconveniences that come with trying to have a good time in downtown Pittsburgh.  One of the very first things that you have to worry about is transportation, and in downtown Pittsburgh, that can come with a whole lot of hassles.  First of all, you have to designate a driver for the evening, which means that there will be an odd man out when it comes to drinking.  Next, you have to worry about traffic, which is often a bit of a mess in downtown Pittsburgh.  You also have to worry about parking, which is something that you generally have to pay for downtown, and it is also not always easy to find.  For quite some time, these are things that have kept me from the downtown scene, as I felt that they were a whole lot more trouble than they were worth.  That was until a friend of mine rented us a PGH Party Bus for a show that we were all attending in the downtown area.

PGH Party Bus

    This thing was incredible!  Not only did it fit all twenty of us in it, but it was loaded with drinks, and we never had to worry about getting from one place to another as we had it for the entire evening.  Traffic was not anything that any of us had to worry about for the entire night, and we also never had to worry about trying to find parking in the crowded downtown area.  The best part, of course, was the fact that everyone was able to drink without driving, which meant that everyone would be safe for the entire evening.  That alone was something that made renting the party bus very much worth it, and it really was the best experience I had had downtown in years.

    There is also the luxury factor, of course.  The bus was stocked full of ice cold drinks, and so after the concert when we decided to go bar hopping, we were able to have all of the refreshments that we needed along the way.  The bus was beautiful on the inside, and it actually provided us with the feel and atmosphere of a really nice club while we were on the move.  This meant that the fun never stopped, even if we were on our way to a different bar and stuck in traffic.  The simple fact is that we could have been caught in traffic for hours and we all still would have been having a blast.

    Next time that I go downtown for a big event like this concert was, I will definitely look into renting a party bus in order to see if it is something that will enhance the evening for me.  As much as I have disliked going downtown over the past few years, this was something that gave me a much better overall experience.  There is nothing better than cruising around downtown Pittsburgh in a party bus.