Life and Times Call for a Positive Attitude

Trends today seem to be driving people to a pattern of discontent and disease. It is not surprising, unfortunately. The political climate is over the top with almost no ground to stand on except for the classes in control. Optimism is a medically proven way to boost immunity and support health. Laughter alone helps stimulate immunity and supports a good blood pressure. Laughter even massages the liver. So, we have a built-in mechanism for health and it takes a positive outlook.

Depression can take over and there seems to be no hope. Inspiration can be found in good books from spiritual leaders and fellow learners on the path. There are books of prose and poetry which have carried people through the most difficult times. One story you may have heard is about a woman who cured cancer with laughter. She rented all the comedies she could find and laughed herself to health. Whether this is a true story or urban legend, there is a promise here. Look to the inspirational works of others and find a path to a better way of being.

This is life and the times now call for a strong standard of love and respect. It is good to know that people work together and create a good environment for life to progress into healing. Clearly, a positive attitude is a way to help ourselves overcome huge challenges in life. It takes a big heart at times, but anyone can identify with loving someone. We all want to be loved.

Here is the best thing in the world: Self-love can come through laughter. It is true. One statistic shows that laughter will stimulate immunity by fifteen times. Medical treatments don’t even do that very well. Health may already be right here with our own bodies.